Are you at a point where business is going well, the company’s growing and your market is ready to be conquered? With success comes the need to manage it all! When you feel it’s time to upgrade your information system, you need to ask yourself a question: Should you buy ready-made software or start developing a custom solution to support your company’s growth? A ready-made package may seem like the simplest and most affordable option, but we can think of five reasons why you should develop a solution tailored to your business:

1 – That “one size” does not fit your company

Although there are many software solutions on the market, it’s almost impossible for any one application to be perfectly suited to a company’s every need. Each business has specific challenges – some more than others – and certain ones have a “unique recipe” that contributes to their success. Without custom software, some business needs won’t be met and improvised tools will be used. These alternative solutions are less efficient, often have security flaws and can harm your operations, both in the short and long term!

2 – It’s probably cheaper than you think

The costs associated with developing a custom application could be higher than those for ready-made software, but they can also be lower! If you examine the return on your investment over the long term, the value of a custom solution quickly becomes attractive. Think of the costs for licences, user training and workaround solutions for missing or defective features. A custom application is tailored to your company and you can develop only the features you need.

3 – You increase your company’s value and create a competitive advantage

When you buy ready-made software created by another developer, you’re “investing” in the developer’s company. When you build your own personalized software solution, you’re increasing the value of YOUR business! A custom solution is a real asset that can make a big difference. It can help you open up new sources of revenue, optimize costs, increase your employees’ sense of belonging or create a significant competitive advantage. Do you think that companies such as Amazon or eBay would have become what they are by buying their software off the shelf?

4 – Integration, simplification and performance

A custom development project is an excellent opportunity to integrate the services of your existing systems into one centralized application. For example, if you work with a huge Excel spreadsheet that calculates profitability, you could integrate it directly into your inventory and Human Resources management systems. This integration will allow you to improve performance and optimize how your organization functions. Imagine everything a custom solution can accomplish for your business!

5 – The development team supports your software

When you require an improvement, a new module, the simplification of a process or a feature change, you always have direct, personalized access to the team involved in the application’s development. With no intermediaries, problems are always solved more efficiently. This is another major benefit of going with a custom application!

Once you decide on a custom solution, all that remains is choosing the right team! We believe that Fin Finaud would make an exceptional partner for your project, and we look forward to the opportunity to discuss your needs and what we can do for you. Drop by for a coffee!